About us

UBIQUE is a French Startup specialized in the field of digital health that complements the existing offer of health professionals. UBIQUE offers an innovative way to practice motor rehabilitation for people with motor disabilities through gamification (video games).

The UBIQUE project was born of the revealing experience of Ali Azadi two years ago when he finds himself confronted with the reality of rehabilitation centers and the difficulty of children to bear the associated pain. Polytechnician and technology enthusiast, he devised an accessible method that allows them to practice their functional rehabilitation while having fun. Subsequently, he met Hassan Lahlou who, having worked in the health field in London, was very quickly seduced by the project.

In collaboration with health professionals (occupational therapists and physiotherapists), the beneficial effects of UBIQUE have been attested. UBIQUE has been able to collaborate with several IEMs in France who have expressed a great interest for the project and who support us in its development. With its dashboard, UBIQUE allows parents and health professionals to regularly monitor the progress of children in their rehabilitation exercises. Currently, UBIQUE has the project to expand in Europe, then the United States in a second time.

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