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physio and occupational therapy program

UBIQUE Kids is a solution allowing children with motor disabilities to have motor rehabilitation at home while having fun.

Occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychomotor therapists have approved this innovation intended for children from 3 years old (stroke, cerebral palsy, genetic disease, etc.)

Cognitive levels
Motor skills levels
Therapeutic support

Personalized rehabilitation exercises

A therapeutic solution that adapts to the motor and cognitive capacities of children with cerebral palsy or victims of stroke resulting in deficiency of the lower or upper limbs.

Easy functional rehabilitation thanks to our movement sensors

Our connected bracelets allow a playful rehabilitation of the hands, arms, shoulders, legs and ankle.
Our catalog of games makes it possible to stimulate the areas to be rehabilitated, whether the patient has cerebral palsy, has had a stroke, or needs to undergo physiotherapy sessions.

A playful, interactive world

The universe of UBIQUE trains children in several worlds over which they accumulate points allowing them to unlock additional levels.
UBIQUE transforms functional rehabilitation into a fun and magical moment.

A high-tech product tested and approved by motor therapists

Put at the service of functional rehabilitation (occupational therapists, physiotherapists ...), the UBIQUE technology has been tested and approved by health professionals.
It completes the offer of health professionals in rehabilitation centers, clinics or offices.

Functional rehabilitation everywhere, while having fun!

You can use UBIQUE wherever you are, at home, at your occupational therapist or in a rehabilitation center.
UBIQUE transforms functional rehabilitation into a fun and magical moment.

How it works ?

After receiving your UBIQUE Kids sensors by post, you just need to download the UBIQUE app on your phone or tablet and follow the steps on the user guide to start playing in 2 minutes. We recommend that you accompany your child to register the exercises prescribed by his therapists on the application.


Placement of the two sensors on either side of the joint requested during the movement to be performed


Recording of the movement by repeating it 4 or 5 times with the member containing the sensors


Once the movement has been recorded, the child can play all of the UBIQUE games by repeating this same movement, with any lower or upper limb!

Meet our therapist team

We partner with dedicated therapists to build the best tool for you.