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Picture of UBIQUE Kids
119,00 €
Price of a UBIQUE Kids Kit + 1 month app access
5-10 days
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119 € for the UBIQUE Kids kit (2 sensors, 4 velcros and 1 charger) + 12 € / month to access the application and games
UBIQUE Kids (10 video games + 1 new game / month)
✔ One month free trial (UBIQUE Kids Kit + app) with possibility of return and 100% refund
✔ One year warranty on the UBIQUE Kids kit
Access to the UBIQUE Kids app
Access to the UBIQUE Kids app gives you the opportunity to play our 10 video games as well as the new video games that we add every month.
* Access to the application is non-binding, and you can suspend or stop it directly from your user area.
UBIQUE Kids Games
The UBIQUE Kids application contains a dozen video games suitable for motor rehabilitation of the lower and upper limbs. It recognizes the three classic physiotherapy movements, namely flexion / extension, deviation and pronation / supination.
Compatibility and download
iOS and Android