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Because every day is a new challenge for your child.
UBIQUE Kids is a playful and accessible therapeutic solution for children with cerebral palsy or victims of cerebrovascular accidents resulting in deficiency of the upper or lower limbs.
We make children play to improve their motor abilities.
Our goal is to keep children motivated and eager to accelerate their progress over the long term
Our wish is to make rehabilitation accessible to all.
Intensive, repetitive and rehabilitation-oriented movements.
Research on cerebral palsy suggests that the neural plasticity of the brain is retained and that new connections can be made through intensive, repetitive, task-oriented movements. These exercises help with the progressive reorganization of the brain, which then helps restore the movement and functionality of the affected parts.
Stay motivated in the long term.
Clinical trials also indicate that treatments are more effective if the patient initiates exercise and remains motivated throughout the often lengthy rehabilitation process. UBIQUE Kids allows children to forget the repetitive aspect of the exercises thanks to the fun objectives of video games.
Start as early as possible.
The results on experimental models suggest that early intensive rehabilitation is likely to have a significant impact on the organization of the brain and to reduce motor impairments and their consequences.