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What is UBIQUE ? The video game for occupational therapy

movement sensors for occupational therapy

What is UBIQUE ? The video game for occupational therapy

UBIQUE, a video game for rehabilitation and occupational therapy

With UBIQUE, patients can carry out their rehabilitation exercises or occupational therapy, while playing video games from either the center in which they are hospitalized or remotely. With a constant medical supervision thanks to our real time dashboard. UBIQUE kids is the rehabilitation version specifically designed for children. As we know, rehabilitation exercises are often repetitive, as well as painful, but also expensive for both children and adults. This method is called Habit-Ile  ( Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy Including Lower Extremities ).

A better occupational therapy

Children with Cerebral Palsy ( CP ) very often need to do rehabilitation every day of their lives, which could be exhausting on the long-term. UBIQUE tries to make this exercices more fun, less painful and at an affordable price. UBIQUE makes rehabilitation exercises more fun thanks to its video game app and connected bracelets with sensors, all at an affordable price.

Moreover, UBIQUE generally helps patient to forget the pain due to rehabilitation exercices. UBIQUE is the first video game designed especially for people with cerebral palsy. The innovation is in the gaming experience (fun and wireless). We have got our first feedback from medical therapists and CP children in France, Iran and Morocco. Medical therapists were very happy about the solution for several reasons. Firstly, the gaming aspect of UBIQUE Kids, which allows children to practice their exercices with joy. Secondly, the medical positive effect on the children. Indeed, the children exercise more while playing at UBIQUE Kids because they feel less the pain and they forget about the repetition of the movements. The children in Iran have been playing for one year now, and we have seen thanks to the collected data a big evolution and progress in their therapy.

Above all, we are now working with doctors and researchers to clinically proof the efficiency of UBIQUE. In order to become a medical device, UBIQUE is currently tested with children in more than 15 rehabilitation centers.

movement sensors for occupational therapy

                UBIQUE movement sensors

Watch our presentation video of UBIQUE Kids, the video game connected  to our bracelets, for occupationnal therapy and motor skills.

You can also order the new gross-motor game sur our website www.ubique.tech

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