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UBIQUE improves occupational therapy at Polytechnique

UBIQUE improves occupational therapy at Polytechnique

Thank you to the Fondation of Polytechnique

UBIQUE, a product for occupational therapy takes part in X-Up, Drahi-X Novation Center in Polytechnique. An incubator setting out to accompany and support innovative and tech-oriented start-ups, in the development of their projects and help them lay out the foundations for their subsequent development in an environment of high excellency. X-UP is for early stage sart-ups, it is accessible to profile that coming from Polytechnique or outside project. We had the opportunity to be part of that great business incubator.

Occupationnal therapy is turning a corner, thanks to the Drahi-X Novation Center

First of all, our first mission is the gamification of fonctionnal rehabilitation. Several tools are made available in the incubator. For example, high-tech tools and mentoring session with CEOs of successsful start-ups. Thanks to that, as a result, we’ve developped a great product, with video games and mouvement sensors. It can be use at home or with medical Therapist. During this rewarding professional experience, we met the co-fonders of FeetMe a business that offers solutions to assess, to rehabilitate and to assist patients sufferring from mobility disorder.

Secondly, we have also establish a development strategy which to date is always successful. Occupational therapy in Polytechnique takes place in that respect by the game.

However, all good things must come to an end, that is why we are now entering in a new phase of development. UBIQUE need to be closer of its costumers and to be in the center of Paris. Consequently, we have therefore chosen the Incubator of the Paris-Dauphine’s Fondation, where we will be locataed, as of the month April.

Watch our presentation video of UBIQUE Kids, the video game connected  to our bracelets, for occupational therapy and motor skills.

You can also order the new gross-motor game sur our website www.ubique.tech

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